We Offer Complimentary Consultations

Why Our Medical Spa Is Unique?

Our medical spa offers so much more than just any other med spa and especially chain spas. You will get customized medical care and treatment with state-of-the-art equipment performed by dermatology-trained staff. You will be treated as the VIP you are! We pride ourselves in taking our time so that you never feel rushed. We provide a calm, quiet environment and keep your wait times to a minimum. You will no longer have extended times in a cold, sterile waiting room full of people. 

We also offer a private waiting room if you need to sit and numb for a procedure or recover. Pain control is our goal when it comes to your procedures. We have the best topical numbing creams. We do dental blocks for lip filler because we do not believe topical anesthetic is enough for this treatment. We also offer Pro-Nox if you need that to help with pain tolerance or anxiety. Pro-Nox is like laughing gas. It is self-administered during the procedure and it is out of your system quickly so that you may drive yourself.  Please let your provider know at the beginning of your appointment if you would like Pro-Nox.

We offer private appointments with a back entrance to arrive or leave. If you need a discreet appointment, please let our staff know when booking as well as any of your specifications.  

We offer packages for any of your procedures. Don’t see a package you need? Just ask your provider and we will customize one for you. 

We offer our exclusive memberships for discounts. Please also see our “Beauty Bank” under “VIP Programs”. These services are offered to you at no extra cost, fees, or interest rates. 

We treat all things benign of the skin, hair, and nails. You no longer have to wait to get an appointment, be seen, or wait to get a prescription. We have prescriptions available in-office.  We do not do any biopsies or skin cancer treatment. You will need to see a dermatologist for that. 

When it comes to your results, we go the extra mile to stay up-to-date on advances and what works best to achieve the outcome you desire. We are open and honest about every aspect of your care. We are very transparent. This is why all of our pricing is online. Our #1 goals are honesty, integrity, and safety. 

Speaking of safety…want to know how else we stand out? We have a specialized ultrasound that is prudent in identifying vessels of the face. This can be very important in the event of a rare complication. Ultrasound-guided injections are used when needed in high-risk areas. 

What To Expect On Your First Appointment?

On your first visit, if you prefer, we will do a full face, neck, and chest assessment with photos (neck and chest if needed). If you’d like to address just your concerns, we will do that too! We do specialize in facial balance and rejuvenation, but we’re happy to address your concerns. We also take care of the rest of the body too. Just ask! You and your provider will go over everything together on how best to achieve your goals and an expected timeline. You will leave with a treatment plan customized to your needs and the confidence in knowing that you will be well taken care of!  If time permits, you can start your treatment that day or you may schedule to start at your convenience.  


If you’re looking for more than just another med spa on every corner, come see our dermatology experts at Misty Med Spa & Skin Rx. We strive to provide an experience like no other.  Relax and rejuvenate with us! 

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