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EMS Seat

EMS Seat

EMS Seat is an innovative treatment that uses electromagnetic stimulation to target pelvic floor muscles. This service involves a device similar to a chair, where clients sit fully clothed during the session. The device sends electromagnetic waves through the body, stimulating the pelvic floor muscles and leading to their contraction and strengthening. This treatment is ideal for enhancing muscle tone in the pelvic area and can also aid in reducing urinary incontinence. EMS Seat in Marietta, GA, is suitable for individuals experiencing weakened pelvic muscles or urinary incontinence. Results from the EMS Seat treatment can typically be observed after a few sessions, with improvements continuing over subsequent weeks. The longevity of the results varies, depending on the individual’s condition and lifestyle, but regular follow-up sessions can help maintain the benefits. For more information or to book an appointment, visit Misty Med Spa & Skin Rx.

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Benefits of EMS Seat

EMS Seat

(4-8 sessions recommended)

$199 per session

Frequently Asked

Anyone experiencing issues related to pelvic floor weakness, such as urinary incontinence, or those looking to improve pelvic health can benefit from EMS Seat. Anyone who does not have any metal or other implantable devices. I.e., pacemaker, defibrillator, IUDs, etc. 

Initial improvements can often be noticed after just a few treatments with EMS Seat, but optimal results typically develop over several weeks.

The duration of the results from EMS Seat varies by individual. Regular follow-up sessions help maintain the outcomes.

EMS Seat is non-invasive with no required recovery time. Side effects are minimal, typically limited to mild discomfort or tingling during the session.

Before undergoing EMS Seat, ensure you are hydrated and avoid consuming large meals. Regular physical activity and good hydration are recommended to enhance the effects post-treatment.

During an EMS Seat session, you will sit on the device while it emits electromagnetic waves. This process causes pelvic floor muscles to contract, which is generally painless, though you may experience sensations of muscle tightening.

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